5.1 Customers always ask for more

How many times have we left a meeting with a client, after we close a sale or even after we signed a long term contract with the feeling that the customer is ours. That that trading relationship is unchanged until the expiration of the contract.


Based on this agreement, we closed contracts with suppliers of machinery and equipment, raw materials, hired labor, expand our industrial park.


Everything we do, "finding" that the client 'in the bag. "


Nothing is more challenging than a GOOD CUSTOMER!


The competition, knowing that sale or closure of this contract, it will not give you rest.

The market is very dynamic and is likely to change over the duration of the contract.


The customer will be pressured by their customers to reduce their prices during the contract, or before, even to receive your product or service.

Costs, as supplier, always will change to increase, rarely, very rarely to reduce or even stabilize.


That technical service provider that you both trust and serves its customers well, know the closing of a major contract will not hesitate to ask for a raise and now thinks that became essential in this customer service.


What to do about this situation?


How cater to increasingly demanding customers?


How to close the contract before so many uncertainties?


Do not believe a simple answer to this dilemma since it is complex issue and in this case, multiple skills are needed that are normally found inside and outside supplier. The client, competitors, suppliers of raw materials, employees in general, the legislation concerning the subject, potential new entrants in this business, always remembering that your product or service is not unique and that when you abuse the price, apart from the competition, you will attract substitutes.


Always be available to customers, live with them and find out all the time what they need and not simply what they say they want is a good habit in client care.
It is necessary but not sufficient to maintain a good relationship with your customers. The good service the increasing demands of its customers will require you to challenge yourself every day and always proposing new items and services and more competitive, regardless of the signed contract.


That all said above  ensures the survival of my business these customers?


I regret to say that my experience tells me it does not guarantee, but you will always be ahead of your competitors!





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