• How is the remuneration of the company Schocair investments in different types of services provided?
R: We act in the form of specific project to be designed for each client company and according to their needs:

  • Remuneration Fee (RF) - fixed value to be paid monthly during the Work Preparation and identification of best strategy for the client.
  • Success Fee (SF) - Amount to be paid based on the value Following the implementation of the proposed strategy. Sales Commission (SC) - In case of sale of the company, a commission will be charged on the value of the sale, to be defined during the subscription service.

• How is the participation of shareholders in case of professional management?
R: The whole process is accompanied by the shareholders through the formation of a board of management and the implementation of business plan and sales process.

• In case of need for capital investment, who brings it?
R: We work with a focus on sustainable recovery where the results of actions promote and guarantee short-term success and in this case, we seek to maximize the potential of the company through internal financing of growth with suppliers and investors when appropriate.

• Who seeks buyer for my business?
R: The Schocair Investments is working with investment funds and corporate partners in various market segments in order to find the best option for the sale of the company.

• How are my employees throughout this process?
R: We work with maximum use of the company's human resources through training and reorientation around the Business Plan of the Company to maintain as much of the workforce motivated and committed to the new challenges.

• What is the opinion of my clients about this process?
R: The major focus of the whole process is on adding value to current customers and the possibility of acquiring new customers and new markets.

• How is business succession and especially in the case of family businesses?
R: The whole process of restructuring is based on a professional management team and therefore engaged with the major objectives of the company and for that, everyone involved, majority and minority members are involved in order to set the Board of monitor and manage the whole process and approve the implementation of the Business Plan.

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